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I myself prefer having a hot babe teaching me something quickly that would've taken me 20 minutes elsewhere to find. Thank you guys for making a super quick and easy tutorial. You guys are amazing at cutting out bullshit and getting to the point. Love your tutorials and the girls :D


Youtuber who gets it

EY!!! I really really really love your tutorials... and it isn't only the original idea of the girl explain everything, I love the jokes, the memes, the awesome video effects... really really good job!!!! keep making tutorials and thanks for make programming some more easy and entendible understandable


Pumped up facebook bro

Okay... when I stumbled onto this earlier today while looking for PHP tutorials I said to myself, "Self, this is by far the stupidest f*cking thing I've ever seen on the Internet." Fast forward 6 hours, after finishing all the tutorials available, I said to myself, "Self, this is by far the most brilliant f*cking thing I've ever seen on the Internet."

Jake the Snake

Enthusiastic Facebook User

I just watched one of the lessons, it is thorough and well paced. It is sad that girls are now been objectified as learning aids. The lessons are good, the girls are hot. the concept and practice are really sad. I wish I could say that it was soft pr0n disguised as something else, but the lesson I watched was very good, and it hardly showed the girl. Damned it, why could they not just make it bad so I could hate the whole thing. Thumbs up for the information provided, thumbs down for the method employed. Women are people, not things to be used or sold, either as a whole or as side dishes.


Confused Cheezburger User

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